Tonight was Back to School Night at my former school. Tonight, at about the time of this writing, a group of very exhausted educators is hobbling outside after putting on a two-hour show, smiling and nodding and trying to be their best after a full teaching day, and needed preparation for the night, and perhaps … Continue reading #11


This basket of my (mostly*) favorite books was something I shared with my students for many years. I went through my history as a reader, from the very beginning, including an original Bobbsey Twins and Curious George and a book I read obsessively called Follow My Leader, about a young boy who lost his sight … Continue reading #9


All over this area, Mallomars are coming back on the shelves after being taken off sometime in the spring. This is supposedly because they would otherwise ‘melt’ on store shelves, but do chocolate bars get removed? Nope. Basically, it’s a clever marketing ploy. So what does the autumn appearance of Mallomars have to do with teaching, you might ask? Answer at Teaching-365/com. #8.


I know that this was the approximate wake-up time for many of you today, and I feel for you (except for those of you who are naturally early risers, which I simply don’t understand). And though many people out in the work world wake up at this time, they don’t spend 7 hours teaching children! … Continue reading #6