Pens gone again? So many methods to try to keep them in my room, and still they disappear. Six pens were in existence, checked and returned – and yet over the course of a couple of days, they were gone. I dared to turn my eyes away! I spoke to students at the end of … Continue reading #17


Part of a homeroom teacher’s job is distributing - and keeping track of - all manner of handouts and forms. Here’s an area for which technology is actually an improvement. Years ago, there was an endless stream of forms, and now, of course, there are emails and parent portals for many items. In my district, … Continue reading #16


Every year at about this time, our NJEA cards arrive in the mail. Those of us who teach in this state know that NJEA stands for New Jersey Education Association; however, no matter what state you’re in, if you are an employee of a public school, I hope you have an association - a union … Continue reading #15