#23 – Change in Plans

Over the years, I taught this lesson – creating a timeline of events and emotions in preparation for writing a literary essay – many, many different ways.

I’ve made a change in plans – in this case, how I am putting my blog out there. But this isn’t surprising for anyone who teaches, because there is no way to go about it without realizing that you must be open to changing what you’ve started with.

As for this blog, I realized that I couldn’t really post one photograph a day, as they didn’t always – or even often – stand on their own. And it seemed to me that daily posting was a bit much for anyone: reader or writer. I decided instead to post one photograph, or a group of photographs, once a week, generally on Mondays, and to focus instead on what seems important from all I’ve gathered in the past and what is happening in the present.

It’s just like teaching, isn’t it? We have all sorts of ideas in mind to reach our objective, a lesson plan and various materials and stations to implement it, but as you’re teaching you realize that there’s a real gap you must fill before you continue, or that there’s simply a better way to do it. So you throw out most of what you did and go with your gut.

Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. I really like some of what I’ve written here, over the last 20-some-odd posts. I’ve not liked others. And I’ve been mixed on a whole bunch. Again, this is just like teaching: Even during the course of one day, the same lesson can work so well in one class as it flops in the other. And it’s not always based on what the students are able to get, but on the personalities in the room and what I’ve already taught, in passing, in one classroom that I didn’t in another, so that the students in that latter classroom are puzzled instead of drawn in.

I hope more of these posts work than not, but here is where this is not like teaching: I am doing this for me as much as for any audience I may be finding along the way. If it doesn’t work, the only one who loses, really, is me. As I told students countless times, you need to put yourself out there. So – here I am.

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