#17 – A Container of Missing Pens

Pens gone again? So many methods to try to keep them in my room, and still they disappear. Six pens were in existence, checked and returned – and yet over the course of a couple of days, they were gone.

I dared to turn my eyes away! I spoke to students at the end of class and didn’t ferret out the guilty parties! I got a call from the office and was distracted!

And no, you cannot use a pencil in language arts (at least most of the time) – not if you want me to read it.

Pencil nubs don’t cut it either. Or light pink or pale green pens, though I understand it expresses your creativity. Highlighters aren’t a substitute for a pen, either – though I’d be happy to use the ones you’ve got to highlight the section on requirements for the class being two working blue or black pens.

That blood from the cut on your finger doesn’t actually cut it either (except, maybe, on Halloween).

The year I got the bright pink pens with feathers, though (and, of course, dark ink) – those worked for a long time. Everyone knew they were mine, and the boys who borrowed them – for it was almost always boys – were embarrassed enough to up their game and bring a pen or two occasionally.

I moved the Snoopy container even closer to me. Six new pens were put in its hungry belly. Will that help? I doubt it.

In any case, Snoopy won’t tell.

One thought on “#17 – A Container of Missing Pens

  1. Ha! So true! One year, I taped fake flowers – big ones – to the tops of my pens. It did take longer, but eventually, they disappeared too. I still pick up pens from the floors in the hall, and I put them in “the collection” to borrow when needed.

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