#3 – The Magic of a Cart

The magic of a cart. Nothing fancy, for sure – note the yellow tape holding the old cords in place. Still, it took me several years to snag one, as the old TVs, stored in the library, slowly were replaced by LCD projectors. (I caught my fingers between the side of a TV and the door frame many years ago; those TVs were huge!)

Mostly, I used my cart for keeping materials for students organized in the classroom, but at the beginning of the year, with 80 copies in a set, and many sets, it’s a little bit of wonderful. On this cart, today: introduction to the class, how to develop a growth mindset, organizing your writer’s/reader’s notebook, class lists, etc., etc. That quarter mile back and forth from the office is just a little easier.

What do you use to get around in your world?

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